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A watershed is a land unit that contains all lands draining to a single point. For example, all lands within the South Fork Wildcat Creek Watershed drain into the main channel of the Wildcat Creek near Lafayette, Indiana.

Many time watershed boundaries do not follow our local county or political boundaries. This can sometimes make coordinated conservation efforts somewhat tricky. Howerver, if we can all understand that our water resources are all connected to each other then we can come together for a common good of clean water and a healthy environment.


Clinton County Commissioners

Clinton County Health Department

Howard County Soil and Water Conservation District

Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service - Clinton County

Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service – Tipton County

Tippecanoe County Commisioners

Tippecanoe County Soil and Water Conservation District

Tippecanoe County Surveyor

Tipton County Commisioners

Tipton County Soil and Water Conservation District

Wildcat Creek Foundation, Inc.

Wildcat Creek Watershed Alliance

Wildcat Guardians


"A river is the report card for its watershed"

Alan Levere

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