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A watershed includes all of the land that drains to a common point such as basin, river, or lake. For example, the South Fork Wildcat Creek Watershed includes all of the land that drains into the main branch of the Wildcat Creek outside Lafayette.

Another important characteristic of a watershed is that all areas within a watershed are connected. What happens in one part of the watershed impacts other areas in the watershed as well.

Our Watershed, Our Treasure

The South Fork Wildcat Creek (SFWC) Watershed drains 250 square miles (160,000 acres) and covers portions of Clinton, Howard, Tipton, and Tippecanoe Counties Its waterways flow for 63 miles in a generally east to west direction starting in Tipton County near Kempton, IN and traveling to Lafayette, IN where it empties into the main channel of Wildcat Creek. The SFWC Watershed includes 11 distinct sub-watersheds: Swamp Creek, Shanty Creek-Kilmore Creek, Stump Ditch-Kilmore Creek, Talbert Ditch-South Fork Wildcat Creek, Prairie Creek, Kilmore Creek, Spring Creek, Jenkins Ditch-South Fork Wildcat Creek, Lauramie Creek, Town of Dayton-South Fork Wildcat Creek, and Town of Mulberry-South Fork Wildcat Creek.

We are currently compiling information and analyzing data on local soils, hydrology, geology, wildlife, and land use. Take a look at the most recent draft of this information by clicking here.
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